Thursday, January 3, 2008

What It has to do with Wine

In December, among other things, we sold the following items from our Tasting Room...
  • Bling Tee - Long Sleeve (1)
  • Bling Hat (1)
  • Hot choc-Creamy (1)
  • New Tree Big Bar (1)
I don't have any idea what a "New Tree Big Bar" does or what flavors it comes in or what need it fills...and that's the point. It is really hard to predict what part of what we do is going to resonate. Everyone's taste is different...everyone will get something a little different from his or her experience here at the Winery. Though we may have intended a right turn and got a left instead, hopefully you get out of it something a little bit better or a little more meaningful than the right turn down the road.

By the way, this is a "New Tree Big Bar" ------------->

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