Saturday, January 5, 2008

Death of the Twinkly Grapes

Twinkly Grapes

Aug. 2005 - Jan. 2007

January 4, 2008 marked the end of the twinkly grapes out on the Steven Kent Patio. Done in by wind gusts that neared 50 mph, our hardy twinkly grape lights twinkle no more. Twinkly grape lights...we hardly know ye...

The first major storm of the year dumped 2.6 inches of rain from January 3 -5 on our estate vineyard, uprooted trees, and destroyed the tent that covers our patio. Livermore averages about 11 in
ches of rain a year (our weather station recorded a total of 5.36 inches in our vineyard), getting half of last year's rain in one three-day period is pretty awesome (in the inspiring awe sense).

In a larger sense, the change agents are everywhere. In this case it was Mother Nature who caring not a whit about our goings-on, had an action plan of her own. It might be the economy, changing wine tastes, a bad review...a good review; whatever the cause, for small businesses like ours, limberness in the face of mutability is no vice.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to here about the tent. Betsy and I have so many fond memories of sipping wine, tasting food and watching the world go by sitting under the tent to keep out of the hot sun. It will be missed.


Wine in the Valley said...

Thanks Kevin. We'll figure something out before the summer hits.

Anonymous said...

Is the tent going to be replaced? My family enjoys having our Sunday picnics at your winery. Keep up the great work. BTW, the Zephyr Grill downtown is out of your Cabernet in the 750ml bottles. Please restock them. Hopefully by tonight. Sorry for the late notice.