Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tasting the 2002 Smith Ranch Cabernet

Play the video for an update on the 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon, Smith Ranch


Anonymous said...

Steven - I was very lucky to have a chance to enjoy the Smith on Sunday (tasting room staff guy). That wine is just about everything one can ask of a California Cab - fruit, structure, mouth-feel, finish, nose, color. And yet - while we tasted and ENJOYED this, it did remind me how great the 1996 SK Cab was. Sometimes we lose sight that things - wine even - can be different, but at the same time excellent. With really good wine, differences are to be celebrated! The '02 Smith is outstanding, and at the same time, a rather young wine. What you left out was how - and I don't know what else to say - yummie the soon to be released FRP Cab that you let us taste was. If there was a trifecta day at the winery, the Smith 02', that FRP Cab and the 1996 Cab would be it in my minds eye (excluding Pinot for the moment). The "payoff" for those three babes would be outstanding. I am looking forward (aren't we all) to the next great Cab release.
I believe it will only get better and better... Signed
"A member of the estrogen family" and Club Member.

Steven Mirassou said...

Estrogen Brigade Member:

Thank you...there is a staff bbq coming up...perhaps?