Saturday, September 5, 2009

This is no time for tasting. I will be drinking my wine tonight.

This is no time for tasting. I will be drinking my wine tonight.

There are times when the shadows are long and soft in the evening, and the city is laid out before you so clearly each building shines, and the trees sough as if the ocean breezes are caught up in their crowns, and the day leading up to this, broke so green it hurt your eyes, and the grapes hang, dew-covered and rampant as the rows proceed to the horizon; and you realize you are in Northern California, in wine country, and it is a balm. And you don't think cases to be sold, or distributor problems in the mid-west or the effects of recession or think how perfect this Cabernet tastes, how its fruit and tannin and texture and finish are each perfect, and their aggregation is perfect, and the wine (it doesn't matter which one, really...just that you are drinking it now, in this perfect spot, in this perfect time) is perfect.

That's what today felt like. And that's why I drink tonight. I drink (an act of feeling, no thinking tonight) to that ineffable perfection that was the Livermore Valley the fruit coming in that will be wine in two years, to the caring touch of our winemaking team, to all of you for whom Steven Kent and La Rochelle are a part of your wine drinking life.

This is no time for tasting. I will be drinking my wine tonight.


Anonymous said...

Steven - I also had a similar moment - friends helped us complete a job that the contractor didn't get to (and never came back to complete) - not hard work, but "work all day" kind of work. Wanted to show our appreciation, so we offered up steak and wine. They brought over goat cheese goodies - so we had to have the Sleepy 667 - wow. With dinner the amazing 2001 LV Cab. Craig had mentioned that this wine was showing VERY nice, and it was past time for us to enjoy it. So I did. And passed along a bottle to my friend that helped out. A very fair trade as it turned out. But we enjoyed the moment, not really "tasting". Very nice evening as summer slides into fall.

Thanks for the good words - and the fine wine! BTW - the 2001 Cab is READY; I'm not sure how much longer it will go. I'd say there is not much reason to wait much longer (but then I suspected it was "ready" two years ago). Comments on that? I opened a 750 bottle. Tasting Room Michael

Julie said...

I loved this post, it was touching and captured perfectly what so many of us get to feel every time we sit on our porch, looking at the Livermore Valley, while drinking a bottle of Steven Kent wine.